About HSF health plan

Your staff are your most important asset.

Our health plans offer health and well-being benefits to your workforce.

Your employees can quickly attribute a value to having HSF health plan as they are able to claim for costs such as dental check-ups, hygienist visits, eye tests, glasses and contact lenses making HSF an impactful and well received employee benefit.

Other benefit categories such as Practitioners and Specialist Investigations also provide cover for a range of healthcare costs which can empower employees to obtain early diagnosis and treatment.

HSF Assist includes video and telephone support from our GP and counselling services, ensuring that people can easily access this important help 24 hours a day.

Our health plans include over 30 health related benefits, an EAP, Personal Accident cover, 24/7 access to an online doctor and counselling support.

Our entry level scheme is just €2.60 per week.

Available Schemes

Voluntary Scheme

An employer can offer our health plans as a voluntary benefit at no cost to the employer*.

The employee will join HSF health plan, paying the cost of their health plan via payroll deduction but at a reduced corporate rate.

Offering HSF health plan as a voluntary benefit means it is possible to offer employee benefits even if you don’t have a budget!

Your employees will be able to join from €2.60 a week!

*subject to eligibility.


Employer Subsidised Scheme

An employer will choose a level of cover to pay on behalf of some, or all of their employees.

The employees will have the opportunity to add an additional payment themselves to increase their cover should they wish.

HSF Assist – EAP

HSF Assist, our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), comes as part of all of the health plan packages. You can also provide this as a stand-alone EAP for employees. Read more about HSF Assist here: https://hsfassist.com/




What our customers say

  • Village VetsVillage VetsI have claimed over the years and had no issues receiving payments which were sent straight to my bank account

    I have a policy with HSF for 5+ years now through my company. When I took this plan out initially, everything was explained in full detail to me until I fully understood the plan. I took a plan out that was suited to myself and my family. I have claimed over the years and had no issues receiving payments which were sent straight to my bank account. The telephone support is excellent and is always available. I would and have recommended HSF to other people.

    Dawn McCarthy
    Village Vets Support office, Village Vets
    13th May 2021

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  • RCSI – Royal College of Surgeons in IrelandRCSI – Royal College of Surgeons in IrelandThe feedback from staff who have become members has been extremely positive

    RCSI have successfully partnered with HSF health plan for over 3 years and have found that offering staff access to the HSF health “cash” plan been an excellent benefit. The feedback from staff who have become members has been extremely positive both in terms of the breadth of cover and the customer service provided. The health plan offers everyday benefit cover for both the employee and their families at a very affordable price.

    Barry Holmes
    Director of HR, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI)
    6th May 2021

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  • Irish Wheelchair AssociationIrish Wheelchair AssociationWe appreciate their attention to detail and collaborative approach, when dealing with our business and employees

    We have developed a great partnership with the HSF Team. We appreciate their attention to detail and collaborative approach, when dealing with our business and employees. HSF offer a wide range of plans, which has something to suit all our employee needs. It is great to work along side another non-profit organisation.
    Thank you HSF.

    Claire Sheridan
    HR Operations Team Lead, Irish Wheelchair Association
    6th September 2021

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  • Home InsteadHome InsteadThis is a fantastic company to do business with

    This is a fantastic company to do business with, incredibly efficient with great customer service.

    Lorraine McLaughlin
    Operations Manager, Home Instead
    14th May 2021

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  • Bus EireannBus EireannSigning up to the scheme is very straight forward

    My family joined The Hospital Saturday Fund plan in 2014. In the last 6 years just like every family household growing up we encountered all the usual unexpected knocks and falls that happen in everyday family life be it in sport, work or just bad luck. These unexpected mishaps come at a cost out of the ordinary to a family and this is where the Hospital Saturday fund health plan takes the burden of these costs out of the family household.

    Even the routine medical cost involved in everyone's everyday life such as optical, dental, doctor visits and day to day prescription are covered in the scheme. The scheme has a vast amount of benefits for it members some of which I have not even availed of. Birth, adoption grants, recuperation, surgical appliances, hearing aids, Osteopathy, chiropractic, Wellbeing & Alternative treatments and a dedicated 24 hour 7 days a week GP advice line and virtual online doctor to see you at a time that suits you. It also has a health information website and provides access to counselling and legal services.

    One of the many benefits included in the scheme that I had to personally avail of this summer due to an unexpected accident which found me unable to work because of a broken heel was the Personal accident benefit cover. In association with there partners Chubb insurance the financial burden of been out of work was lessened and this was all done in a speedily and professionally manner.

    In my 6 years experience of been in the scheme. I have found this one of the best decisions I ever made joining the Hospital Saturday fund. It's as simple as paying your bill to the doctor, dentist, consultant etc at the time of your visit. Keeping the receipt. Sending off the receipt to The Hospital Saturday Fund inside the 6 months timescale of your receipt and the money you paid out at the time of your visit is paid directly back into your bank account. Nothing could be more simple !!!!

    Signing up to the scheme is very straight forward and the Hospital Saturday Fund has a dedicated team who are always on hand to facilitate this. As the Union representative in my workplace I have worked with Hospital Saturday fund Account Executive, Aishling McDonnell and Aishling has been fantastic in streamlining the signing up process for our members and is always available to facilitate this.

    As a member of the Hospital Saturday fund for over 6 years this scheme has taken the worry out of the everyday mishaps that can unexpectedly.

    Mark Greaney
    NBRU Rep & Driver, Bus Eireann
    11th May 2021

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  • Seetec Employment & Skills IrelandSeetec Employment & Skills IrelandI don't have to wait to see consultants and can get scans done privately

    I am with the HSF over 10 years. I started out as single girl and found HSF. It was very affordable and helped with the cost towards dental, glasses and doctor fees. When I married and my family extended, I changed to the family cover. This was easy to do as I can change my plan to suit me as circumstances can change.

    I don't have private health insurance, and this is a cheaper option for me. I don't have to wait to see consultants and can get scans done privately. This was great peace of mind and I didn't have to be put on public waiting list as I knew that I would be able to claim the cost back.

    Over the years I have claimed physio, dental, optical, prescriptions, consultant fees, hospital fees for the whole family.

    It's very simple to make a claim, just fill in a claims form and copy of my receipts and email to claims@HSF. I usually have the claim refunded into my account within a week or less.

    I would Highly recommend the HSF to anyone even if you have private health insurance. It covers the everyday bills that we need and its so easy to sign up and make claims.

    Linda Victory
    Employment adviser, Seetec Employment & Skills Ireland
    25th November 2020

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  • HSEHSEFamilies benefit as one contribution can cover a spouse/ partner and children up to 21 (living at the same address) at no extra cost.

    HSF health plan has been providing health cover over many years to employees of the HSE. New members are joining on a regular basis.

    As a long-time policyholder, I am happy to endorse the health benefits and the support service provided.

    The claims process is speedy and efficient. HSF representatives make it a policy to call and offer the personal touch and presentations to groups are available on request. Queries are dealt with by helpful staff and there are no hidden costs or unwelcome surprises within the HSF plans.

    Families benefit as one contribution can cover a spouse/ partner and children up to 21 (living at the same address) at no extra cost. The various plans offer a comprehensive range of benefits covering outpatient, inpatient, dental, optical and convalescence to name only a few.

    HSF health plan is owned by a registered charity, The Hospital Saturday Fund, and surplus money is donated each year to medical charities, hospices & hospitals. The fund operates a no-frills approach to administration and marketing costs guaranteeing their members a much greater return in terms of claims paid out than other insurers.

    The plans are tailored to all pockets ranging over a broad scale of options. The only question I needed to ask myself was not “can I afford to join HSF’s plan” rather “can I afford not to?”

    Elaine Bradley
    Finance Department, Letterkenny University Hospital, Co. Donegal
    4th December 2020


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  • Irish DistillersIrish DistillersImportantly you don’t have to be sick to make a claim

    In February 2014, and in partnership with HSF health plan, we launched a bespoke range of schemes to employees of Irish Distillers with company funded membership to the entry level plan for all eligible employees.

    We have 4 locations across Ireland, and Roy Smith and his team supported me in co-delivering a schedule of employee roadshows on this new medical benefit. All 570 employees were given the opportunity to attend an information session, including shift workers, at every location during working hours.

    Providing employees with a health cash plan that focuses on the cost of everyday healthcare costs and provides cash back for a wide range of treatments is highly beneficial for both employees and the company. The plans are very flexible, recognising that health management can vary from person to person and importantly you don’t have to be sick to make a claim. The scheme has enhanced our benefit package, which aids both staff retention and recruitment and it encourages employees to take a much more proactive approach to managing their health, helping to promote a healthier workforce.

    The ongoing administration is simplicity itself, as HSF take on all aspects of running the scheme and processing claims, answering queries and facilitating upgrades.
    Knowing that HSF health plan transfers all its profits to their parent charity is a huge plus and complements our own CSR policy and our Responsible value.

    Tamsin Trevarthen
    Head of Culture and Capability, Irish Distillers Limited.
    4th November 2020

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  • Depaul charityDepaul charityI have submitted several medical receipts to HSF health plan, all of which were promptly reimbursed

    In 2014 Depaul Senior Management made the commitment to staff to introduce the HSF Health cash plan as a wellbeing benefit for all. We found the HSF cash plan the most beneficial for employee and employer alike. The different schemes on offer and the price ranges ensure a scheme to suit all our employees.

    The rollout of this was made so straight forward and easy mainly due to the contribution provided by the HSF health plan staff; they explained the options in clear, plain English to all staff. In the summer months they ran extremely helpful informative roadshows in advance of the roll out date in all of our projects so all staff questions were answered.

    HSF Health carry out most of the administration for the new joiners, with minimum issues for Depaul. The processes in place are as simplified as they can be, to ensure they are easy to work with and the least time consuming for all.

    One of our Staff members had the following to say on the service she has received directly from HSF health plan to date:
    “I have submitted several medical receipts to HSF health plan, all of which were promptly reimbursed. I find the staff to be very helpful and able to answer any queries I have. I would recommend HSF to friends and family”.
    Paula Wynne
    Human Resources Co-ordinator, DePaul Ireland
    29th October 2020

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Our Charity

The Hospital Saturday Fund is a registered charity and the parent company of HSF health plan. For over 145 years, we have been providing assistance through charitable funds in the UK and Republic of Ireland. All profits made by HSF health plan are channelled to its parent charity. This allows us to support medically-associated charities and individuals in the form of grants.

“All those who join HSF health plan, just by belonging, are making a contribution to the important work of the charity, not something which usually happens when an insurance policy is taken out.”
Paul Jackson, Chief Executive, The Hospital Saturday Fund.
Read more about the charity.

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